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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 22, 2021

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The Truth Behind Photoshop

The Truth Behind Photoshop

| On 11, Jun 2014

Photoshop. The tool used to make the imperfect, perfect and to make every natural flaw invisible.

This editing masterpiece has been a godsend for photographers and their subjects. Hiding all those imperfections and in turn creating a world that prefers alien perfection to humanistic flaws.

People complain about the use of Photoshop regularly. However, what many people do not see is it is merely an art form.

These subjects aren’t flawless in real life. They are sculpted to be that way for art.

A perfect example is the recent GQ shoot of the stars of Pretty Little Liars. The girls received a lot of criticism for the obvious use of Photoshop.


Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer on the show, took to Instagram to write a brilliant response.

“So by now you have seen many a shot from #GQ and many people have said that we were photoshopped… OF COURSE WE WERE! That’s a very specific type of photo shoot. And looking very blown out and perfected was obviously what they were looking for. Great. Cool. As long as we acknowledge how it was achieved so we know it’s not real. Here’s some behind the scenes of my body the way it is and was on the day. I’m not mad at how these pictures turned out, the girls and I had an absolute blast. More fun than we’ve had on a photoshoot in a while, and I think you can see that in our eyes and smiles. But it’s the same everywhere. It’s the same way on the posters of our show and even in women’s magazines. This industry seems to invest more in perfection than in flaw. But flaw and individuality, to me, are what make a human being interesting, they make our stories worth telling. (Unfortunately the flaws don’t usually sell products or magazines) I’m proud of my body and the way it looks because @themarkwildman kicks my butt in aerial. But my hips and thighs are a part of me (even though they magically weren’t in some shots!) I get those things from my momma. And I’m happy to shake what my momma gave me.”


The world needs more individuals in the public eye to recognise the power of Photoshop and show the world we are all flawed. No one is perfect.

Rather enjoy the images for what they are, an art form that unfortunately favours perfection over real life.

Image Source: GQ Magazine