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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 8, 2020

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The Vanns Discuss Their Debut Album Through The Walls

The Vanns Discuss Their Debut Album Through The Walls
Taylor Furby

The Vanns have been around for a few years now but after a couple of singles and a couple of EPs, they finally released their debut album, Through The Walls, released last month.

We got some tasters ahead of the release with singles ‘Mother’ and ‘Deranged’ which set the tone for the album. Their tour shortly followed and they’ve just got a few nights left after playing shows around the country. We had a chat with the band shortly after the release.

The Creative Issue: How does it feel to finally have your debut album out?

The Vanns: The worst word that comes to mind is ‘relieving’. We made it a while ago now and have had to sit on it for a while… it almost doesn’t feel real that it’s out. It’s nice to see it on Spotify and in record stores instead of just as a file on Dropbox.

TCI: Where did you draw inspiration from for the songs on the album?

TV: I find it hard to pinpoint where inspiration comes from. Jim [the lead singer] and I are both guitar-heads. Thematically, it’s a record detailing relationships and relationship breakdowns. That’s kind of the core theme of the whole thing.

TCI: Being made the Triple J Feature Album is pretty big, what did you think when you found out?

TV: Again, it didn’t feel real. Our publicist got the email that we were going to be the feature album and it wasn’t 100% clear and emailed back something along the lines of “just confirming it’s feature album” to which she got a reply saying something similar too “that’s right, my emails don’t lie.” We would have been stoked to get the singles spun on Triple J, let alone the whole album; so that was and still is a bit surreal.



TCI: You’re in the middle of your Australian tour, how are the shows? Is it good to be able to play the new songs?

TV: We’ve still got a few shows to go! The shows so far have been great. We started the tour the day after our album dropped so it was pleasantly surprising to see people singing along to words they had learnt in such a short amount of time! We’ve been playing the songs from the album live for a while now, because we were too excited not to; so it’s nice to see people singing along rather than doing the awkward “I don’t know this song but woo” dance.

TCI: A bunch of huge milestones for you guys have been announced in the last month, has there been any moment in your music journey where you’ve thought that this could really go somewhere?

TV: I don’t really go by milestones, but I’ve always had faith that this project would go somewhere. I guess you’d have to define “somewhere”… we’re having fun and trying hard and playing music that means something to us, so if that takes us somewhere, that’s great… if it doesn’t, then we’ll go down with the ship.

TCI: What have been the highlights for you so far?

TV: A couple that come to mind are selling out the Factory Theatre in Sydney; that was a really fun show, and obviously getting the Triple J feature album was a pretty big deal too!

TCI: What’s your next big goal in your career?

TV: To take our music overseas, and to keep making music that we want to make and hopefully that resonates with people.

TCI: As a young artist, have you got an advice for aspiring musicians?

TV: Practise and work hard. It sounds cliche, but sometimes cliches become cliches because they’re true.

TCI: Have you got any big plans for 2020?

TV: Make more music, dig and tour our asses off.

You can listen to the album here.

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