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Three ingredients for a chemical free beauty routine

Three ingredients for a chemical free beauty routine

| On 01, Feb 2014

I haven’t used toothpaste for weeks!

Toothpaste is just one of many products we use in our bathroom that is packed full of crazy chemicals that cause all sorts of health problems – including the ones we might use these products for (acne). So I decided early last month that I would cut as many chemicals as possible out of my life and I’ve discovered not only has it worked miracles for my skin, hair, nails and teeth but it’s incredibly cheap.

Shampoos and cleansers strip our skin of natural oils and as a result our skin increases it’s oil production which can cause acne, breakouts or oily hair. This is often why people who wash their hair daily need to do so. They’ve trained their hair to produce enough oil to replace the natural oils that are being stripped away. The chemical fluoride found in toothpaste, although said to be fantastic for teeth, has also been linked with causing skin breakouts and acne.

Throw out your expensive chemical laden beauty products- here are the only three ingredients you will need for your chemical free beauty routine.

1. Baking soda: Use this wonder to cleanse, exfoliate, shampoo and to brush your teeth! That’s right it works perfectly as a toothpaste. I brush with an electric toothbrush and baking soda, floss and then rinse with coconut oil and my teeth have never looked whiter! Baking soda cleans the skin and helps exfoliate any dead cells while maintaining the natural pH balance skin needs to stay healthy. Make sure to mix two teaspoons with water and apply gently to your face. When using as a shampoo, rinse your hair first then scoop as much as you need to cover your scalp and massage in. Drag your toothbrush through baking soda when using it to clean your teeth.

2. Apple cider vinegar: This will be your new toner, conditioner and nail cuticle lotion. Apple cider vinegar contains anti-bacterial properties that are said to help aid with acne and dandruff along with plenty of other inner health concerns. The alkaline effect apple cider vinegar has on our bodies creates the perfect pH balance for healthy skin and hair. (White vinegar is recommended for blonde or oily hair).

3. Coconut Oil: Moisturise your skin and whiten your teeth with this fantastic smelling oil. It’s going to feel thicker than your usual moisturiser so you might only want to use it at night. Coconut oil repairs skin and is also said to reduce age lines and spots. You can also use it once a week as a hair mask to deeply moisturise and repair any split ends.

For some people this process might take a while to get used to. Baking soda isn’t going to turn into lovely bubbles when you scrub it into your scalp and at first your hair might feel a little bit dry. However, give it a few weeks and you’ll notice the strength and growth of your hair and the way your skin glows. You will find you only have to wash your hair every couple of days as it stops producing as much oil at the roots and doesn’t look as dry at the tips.

Give a the ‘no poo’ challenge a month and see the difference cutting out chemicals can make to your skin and hair and even your inner health.