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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 16, 2021

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Tivoli Declares Open Season

Tivoli Declares Open Season
Tom Linkins

Restrictions are easing, the sun is shining, and The Tivoli you know and love is back.

Tivoli Creative Director Dave Sleswick and his team are breathing life back into the Brisbane arts industry with a two month festival of concerts and live performances–yes, live! Not live via Zoom, live as in in the flesh. From November 2020 to February 2021, The Tiv’s Open Season festival will play host to Cub Sport, Megan Washington, Electric Fields, Custard, Jaguar Jonze, First Beige, and Queensland Symphony Orchestra, plus burlesque outfits Company 2 and Briefs Factory. Be still my beating heart!

First Beige

After having to pull the plug on a year’s worth of events, Dave Sleswick and The Tiv team are chomping at the bit to get Brisbane back through the doors. Sleswick says the upside of the COVID-induced interim is that they’ve been given the time and space to figure out how to “paint on a fresh, blank canvas, instead of just rolling out the same thing [they’d] been doing.”

One of the fruits of their creative problem solving is their new partnership with City Winery, a micro-winery on Wandoo St, Fortitude Valley. “They moved into our kitchen in August,” says Sleswick, “they’re an amazing restaurant and a fantastic hospitality provider. So they’ve been helping us develop our food offering–we want The Tiv to have really high quality stuff on offer.” Since then, they’ve also been developing their corporate packages for group bookings and Christmas parties.

Performances by Factory 2 and Briefs (Le Coup and Bite Club, respectively) will be accompanied by this introduction of a high-quality dinner-and-show experience, playing into The Tivoli’s rich history as a dinner theatre venue in the eighties and complementing the unique architecture, which is reminiscent of underground European theatre clubs.

Le Coup, Company 2

Keeping with the theme of European theatre clubs, The Tivoli will join forces with Brisbane Immersive Ensemble to ring in the new year with Speakeasy: a sexy, one-night-only event with the dazzling spirit of the 1920s at its heart.

Last Words

Open Season is Sleswick and The Tivoli’s gift to a Brisbane that’s been starved of live entertainment this year, and they’re just as excited to see us as we are to see them. “I get a lot of joy out of hosting people,” Sleswick tells me, “I love being on the door of The Tiv, seeing 1500 super excited faces lining up, and getting to facilitate other people’s nights to remember. We’re on the other side of it now, we’re getting through it.”

Find the line-up and ticket links to these must-see events below:

Line-up and Tickets

Ed Kuepper (The Saints) & QSO — 5th November

Cub Sport — 6th & 7th November

Electric Fields — 13th & 14th November

Sunday Roast w Beddy Rays and Friends — 15th November

Jaguar Jonze w Wedance (Korea) — 20th November

First Beige — 21st November

Le Coup by Company 2 — 25th November – 5th December

Bite Club w Saraha Beck by Briefs Factory — 9th – 19th December

Washington – 22nd & 23rd December

Speakeasy: A New Year’s Eve Event — 31st December

Custard — 4th & 5th February

Open Season Festival
When: November 2020 – February 2021
Where: The Tivoli
How Much: Ticket prices vary

The Tivoli is operating in a limited-capacity, sit-down audience configuration for the upcoming Open Season events in keeping with COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

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