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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 5, 2021

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Top 10 Triple J Unearthed Songs as of April 2021

Top 10 Triple J Unearthed Songs as of April 2021
Ed Saba

I listened to every track on Triple J’s Unearthed top 100 so you don’t have to. 

For those who are pressed for time, it can be hard to keep up with Australia’s freshest talent. So, here’s a quick at look some stand-out tracks. The artists here tend to balance their influences with an original spin. Like Melbourne’s Naked Face, on their reggae-rock delight ‘Coming Home’.

The song’s first half is a fresh spin on the classic formula of tense-rhythm verses and loose, groovy choruses. It’s no surprise to see The Police listed firmly as their top influence. 

Next, ‘Drop My Cell’ by Laces brings brilliant, glitchy electro magic to the fold. The track features moody vocals from Darcy Baylis, which are sampled and chopped into a mind-bending flurry.

Melbourne keeps it coming as Max Wolf blends disco and house into a dance floor monster on the freaky ‘MUSIC TONIGHT’.

Though, Brisbane’s Megalodon and co-producer DeliPress top my ranking with the aptly titled, ‘The Conquerors’. These two producers showcase rappers (and Unearthed royalty) Kudos, Clue, and St. Bedlam with an old-school, Aussie-style beat. St. Bedlam shines brightest with her furious delivery and vivid lyrics toward the end of the track.

Meanwhile, Tourist Drive are representing the moodier side of Brisbane’s indie rock scene on the dreamy ‘Feelinz’. It’s a dense track, with churning guitars that tumble through the song like rough waves.


Band photo of the band Mum Friends.


Also, Adelaide’s punk scene is on to something, bringing a surprising new wave of brash bands like Mum Friends and Lickity Split. Both tackle hot-button topics and social woes with minimal, driving instrumentals that highlight their loaded lyrics.

Find all tracks here, on Triple J’s Unearthed website.

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Roundup Ranking:

10. ‘Feelinz’ by Tourist Drive

9. ‘Comin Home’ by Naked Face

8. ‘Plagiarise’ by Coldwave

7. ‘Drive’ by Alleyne

6. ‘MUSIC TONIGHT’ by MAX WOLF feat. Timothy T.

5. ‘Yellow Mountain Bell’ by Skinny Wolf

4. ‘Woke F___boy’ by Mum Friends

3. ‘Drop My Cell’ by LACES feat. Darcy Baylis

2. ‘Go F___ Yourself’ by Lickity Split

1. ‘The Conquerors’ by Megalodon

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