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Top 5: Thickshakes in Brisbane

Top 5: Thickshakes in Brisbane

| On 22, Sep 2013

The following dairy-based beverages are proof that Ron Burgundy was as wrong about milk as he was about women hosting the news.

Please note as an avid dairy consumer, I have developed a few key criteria when it comes to judging shakes. You may not agree with this criteria so please feel free to suggest a shake you think I may have overlooked!


The Straw test
A simple and easy indicator of a top-notch shake. If when taking your first sip, more than 3 seconds pass before milk has made contact with your mouth – you’re onto a winner. Alternatively, if you stand your straw in the middle of the glass and it stands up on it’s own, it’s a good sign.

Successful straw test at our number one location!

Successful straw test at our number one location!

I know this will be a controversial issue, but I am in the pro-innovation camp. I like weird and wonderful flavours like salted caramel, peanut butter, turkish delight and toasted marshmallow. Don’t get me wrong, a good chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shake can be extremely satisfying but I like to see people shaking things up! (Sorry, bad puns are my calling).

Value for money
Again, potentially controversial. As a student I don’t have money to burn on milk and ice cream, so if it’s tasty and cheap I’ll probably love it. But I also don’t mind paying more for a good quality, large shake.


5. Salted caramel shake. Flamingo cafe. Fortitude Valley. $7.50

The queen of kitsch, Flamingo cafe brings a certain flair to their shakes. I believe they were one of the first places to release salted caramel on Brisbane’s beverage scene. A good size and a variety of great flavours, the shakes are very tasty. Maybe not as thick as this particular patron likes (they don’t always pass the straw test), but filling nonetheless.

4. Any flavour. Southside Tea Room, Morningside. $7.50

Southside Tea Room’s shakes will have you reverting to a childlike sense of giddiness. Flavours like peaches and cream, mocha and oreo are bursting with flavour. Not to mention the cream and cherry on top. More often than not, they pass the straw test but you may need to request a thick shake as they technically only offer milkshakes. They lovely staff are more than happy to accommodate, trust me.

3. Any flavour. Shucked Coffee House, Newstead. $6.50

Again, you may need to request a thick shake here but it’s totally worth it. Turkish delight and espresso & vanilla are served alongside more traditional flavours. Super flavoursome and served in a big tall silver cup, the shakes are simply delicious. They generally pass the straw test, but busy days may mean a little less care is taken for extra thickness. Good value for money.

2. Coffee shake. Campos, Fortitude Valley. $6-7.50

Well-known for their superior coffee, Campos serves up a very satisfying thickshake. While the other flavours, chocolate, strawberry, etc are syrup-based, the coffee shake is uses a fresh shot of espresso to produce an amazing rich flavour.  Plus they always pass the straw test, as long as you specify you want a thick shake.

1. Any flavour. Pearl Cafe, Woolloongabba. $7.50

Chocolate ganache shake at Pearl Cafe.

Chocolate ganache shake at Pearl Cafe.

I’m yet to find a shake that rivals the magic of those served at Pearl Cafe. Thick, creamy and incredibly rich, these decadent shakes are crafted using Barambah Organic full cream milk and ingredients like house made butterscotch, fresh espresso, strawberry preserves (the kind with chunks of real strawberries), vanilla bean and chocolate ganache. They pass the straw test with ease and never disappoint. I would go as far as to say these are life changing.

Although I do have one tip; don’t be afraid to share one of these. They are big and rich. Share the love around, you’ll feel better for it.