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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 25, 2020

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Top Films From Cannes 2014

Top Films From Cannes 2014

| On 26, May 2014

We give you the most-hyped films premiering at Cannes Film Festival this year. 

Cannes is renowned for showcasing the very best in foreign film (The Artist, Blue is the Warmest Colour), as well as offerings from Hollywood that the French agree to put up with for the week. Don’t let the Blake Lively #slayingit spam fool you, Cannes is more than just a bunch of perfect humans strutting around the French Riviera. We’ve picked our top films from the festival, which you can expect to see lighting up the Internet heavily come awards season.



Steve Carell is getting some sort of Oscar/Globe nomination (at least) for this role – I’m calling it now. Doing a complete 180 on his past career choices (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Crazy, Stupid Love) Carell plays schizophrenic millionaire and murderer John du Pont, complete with facial prosthetics and yellow teeth. Foxcatcher tells the chilling, true-life tragedy of du Pont and the Schultz brothers, Mark (Channing Tatum) and Dave (Mark Ruffalo), who were Olympic wrestling medallists from the US in the ‘80s. For Carell and Tatum, Foxcatcher is something completely different, and critics have almost unanimously praised their performances. Predictably, it’s slated for a mid-November release in the states, where it will no doubt capitalise on a tonne of Oscar buzz – we lowly Australians can expect it anytime from Boxing Day to early February (wah).



Maps to The Stars

Maps to the Stars is probably the most celebrity-laden entry at Cannes this year, so it makes sense that the whole premise of the film is dissecting the lives of Hollywood’s rich, famous, and mentally deranged. While the plot is so interwoven and twisted it makes inception look like a nursery rhyme, I can try and tell you the basics. Robert Pattinson is a limo driver, who occasionally gets it on with Julianne Moore, a fading starlet whose mother was also famous, but died young. Her therapist is John Cusack, whose son is a child star and whose daughter is a pyromaniac fresh out of rehab, who secretly gets a job for Julianne Moore. It’s a lot to take in, I know, but trust me this film is going to knock your socks off.



The Rover

Huzzah, an Australian film at Cannes! Starring one of our most underrated actors Guy Pearce, and world-renowned British hottie Rob Pattinson, The Rover is Mad Max meets all our worst economic fears. Set 10 years after the collapse of the Western economy in the harsh, mineral rich and criminal-heavy Australia, The Rover sets up a dystopia that is believable, scary and hits way too close to home. Pearce is Eric, a lone drifter in the desolate outback who goes très apeshit when a gang steals his only possession, his car. The gang leaves Rey (Pattinson) behind, and Eric brings him along as a tracking partner. From the makers of Aussie masterpiece Animal Kingdom, and with the tag-line ‘fear the man with nothing left to lose’, The Rover is bloody, brutal and emotionally intense. The Rover hits Australian cinemas June 12.



Lost River

Lost River is Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, and so naturally it’s received more coverage than your average Joe making a movie in his garage. Lost River is kind of kooky, but in a good way. It’s described as a fantasy thriller, weaved into a family drama about a boy discovering a road leading to an underwater town. If the teaser trailer is anything to go by, it’s visually compelling, eerie and somehow reminiscent of a Die Antwoord film clip.

P.S. Ladies I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Gosling never actually makes it in front of the camera on this one – although I’m sure you can ‘feel’ his presence, or something.



Stay posted for more info on these upcoming films!