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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 22, 2019

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Top five TV personalities to take inspiration from in 2014

Top five TV personalities to take inspiration from in 2014

| On 02, Jan 2014

When you’re writing those New Year’s resolutions, take a hint from some familiar faces on our televisions screens.

1. Harvey Specter – Suits (played by Gabriel Macht)

Now, I’m not saying go out and hire an assistant who happens to be a fraudulent boy genius, but Harvey is pretty cool, and we can all learn a thing or two from him. He is the very definition of ‘boss’. Boss suits, boss job, and boss life. Harvey is confident, intelligent and won’t take nothin’ from nobody. He makes his own rules, and never lets the enemy get on top – neither should you in 2014. When in doubt just ask, what would Harvey do?


2. Karl Stefanovic

Karl is loved far and wide for his larrikin ways and talent for hilarious facial expressions. I don’t recommend pulling Karl-esque faces around people in the hope that you’ll make more friends, but it might be worthwhile to consider King Karl’s light hearted approach to life in 2014.

Classic Karl – Image by


3. Hamish & Andy

Okay, so technically Hamish and Andy are two different people, but they classify because together they are comedy gold. What can we learn from Hamish and Andy? Firstly, the importance of best friends, and secondly, the importance of embarrassing these friends publicly.


Dynamic comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. Image by


4. Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones (played by Emilia Clarke)

Someone gave Daenerys a few eggs, an obnoxious brother and an arranged marriage – now she has an army, some dragons and a host of adoring followers. She’s the very definition of ‘started at the bottom’, and is the ultimate inspiration for anyone looking to get ahead. Daenerys is a fearless leader, a warrior and a strong female figure of strength. She’s not letting the success get to her head though, and her ‘I’m still Jenny from the block’ attitude is definitely something to motivate you this New Year.

Fearless female Daenerys. Image by

Fearless female Daenerys. Image by


5. Jon Snow – Game of Thrones (played by Kit Harrington)

I wont lie to you, Jon Snow initially only made this list because he looks great in a fur coat. However, upon further thought, Jon is the ‘top bloke’ of the TV world. He’s down-to-earth, stands up for the little guy, and isn’t afraid of hard work. While Jon Snow apparently knows nothing, I think he’s a solid role model for anyone looking to improve their reputation in 2014. Also, he’s pretty hot.

Tortured soul, still a hottie – Image by


Now that I’ve equipped you with essentially everything you need to know about New Year’s resolutions – go forth and resolve, and good luck.