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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 26, 2022

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Tori Forsyth Chats About Her New Album Provlépseis

Tori Forsyth Chats About Her New Album Provlépseis
Raquel Estrada

The Sunshine Coast-based artist Tori Forsyth recently released her new album and reveals what listeners can expect from her.

The new album featuring her latest single, ‘Nothing At All’ was recorded pre-pandemic and led to it being an album that was two years in the making.

The album consists of thirteen tracks that are bound to be for those that crave any grunge, rock and alt-country style of music.

Tori embraces her guitar-driven elements in this new album, which enables her music to speak on terms such as addiction, anxiety, paranoia, inadequacy and endometriosis.

As you listen to the songs on the album, you will discover that her songwriting is very personal but, relatable. She has a genuine talent for writing.

Tori’s music taste is quite broad and that is very evident in the album.


Music Artist Tori Forsyth


“There is that next level of expansion through sound and exploring different ideas. My musical taste is quite broad, so I’ve always wanted to continue to include different things that I love in my music,” Tori said.

“The whole record is pretty much an autobiography kind of style. If it’s not about me, it’s about an observation I have made about the world or someone else,” she said.

“The track ‘Kid’, was me observing the fact that the progression of technology and social media might be a little bit more detrimental to our lives than we might think.”

Tori’s new album is definitely a must to listen to. You can watch her new music video for ‘Redundant’ here.

Make sure to listen to Provlépseis here.


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