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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 6, 2020

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Cirque's Totem arrives in Brisbane

Cirque’s Totem arrives in Brisbane

| On 10, Apr 2015

After five years of touring, Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem production has arrived on Australian shores and opens in Brisbane today.

The large cast and crew spent three years perfecting the production and continuously keep it fresh for audiences coming back for a second viewing.

The show’s narrative follows the evolution of humanity from its primal state towards the aspiration of flight, and incorporates many of humanity’s founding myths.

Totem feels especially personal, with Brisbane-born costume designer Kym Barrett being responsible for the design of the entrancing lycra get-ups and sequinned shoes you’ll see on stage.

071_Unicycle_Miss_Vanilla_Bean Kym Barrett’s costume design sketch

Cirque Du Soleil have over 400 staff working in Montreal in costume production alone, and around five staff on the Totem tour purely focused on costuming, which gives some insight into the enormous scale of the production company.

From what was viewed today, there’s no doubt that the sets, costumes and performers will deliver anything less than magic.

Head over to Hamilton in the next month to catch a breath-taking glimpse of the unique art of the circus.

Keep your eye out for The Creative Issue’s review in the coming days.


WHEN: April 10th- May 24th

WHERE: McArthur Avenue, Northshore Hamilton.