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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 16, 2021

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Trend Report: "Normcore"

Trend Report: “Normcore”

| On 03, Apr 2014

Straight out of the pages of the latest Vogue, “normcore” is the new fashion buzzword used to describe dressing anti-trend. It seems to make no sense, how can a trend be anti-trend? Let’s have a look.

Normcore is a mixture of a few things: 90s fashion, casual styling, a little bit of sport luxe, and, most importantly, “nothing special.”

Although fashion gurus have only recently started using the word, the definition of normcore has been around since sci-fi writer William Gibson reportedly assigned it the meaning of “a collective, neutral blandness” in one of his novels.

Normcore inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld. Image by Asos.

If you’re interested in dressing normcore, think boyfriend jeans, jersey materials, loose-fitting shirts and pants, a lot of white and denim, sneakers, backpacks, flannel shirts, and sandals – specifically Birkenstocks.

I have put together a few outfit ideas if you think you want to try out this non-trend-trend. All items are from Target (pretty normcore if you ask me!) and available now. Click here to have a peek.

If celebrity inspiration is more your style, check out Jodie Foster, Zach Galifianakis, Alexa Chung, and for all the Friends lovers out there, Chandler Bing.

In general, Brisbane is a laid back city with really cool, chill style, but are we normcore? Or are we too trendy? Let me know what you think!