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TV Review: True Detective

TV Review: True Detective

| On 22, Jan 2014

True Detective – it makes NCIS look like playschool.

May the days of murder mystery’s formulaic, blandly predictable and repetitive plots be gone!

Instead, I give you the future of crime drama and murder mystery – True Detective.

HBO’s high profile new addition, True Detective, is a brilliant crime series that chronicles the 17-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana.

It boasts A-list actors, a thrilling plotline and as always with HBO, a sweet opening sequence.



True Detective begins in two separate interview rooms, where former detectives and investigative partners Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust ‘Rusty’ Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) are asked to recall every detail of a murder investigation that appears to have been solved 17 years ago.

Soon after, the episode jumps back two decades to smouldering Louisiana, where Rusty and Martin are called to the scene of a crime to find a woman murdered in the most disturbing manner.

The first episode doesn’t give too much away, you get the basic facts of the case, a vague sense of something gone awry, and a strong urge to know more.

The layout of True Detective is genius – episodes skip back and forth from the past to present day, and each time we get only a hint of what’s to come next.

Recent Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey and former Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson are absolutely brilliant in their lead roles, and much of the first episode is devoted to investigating the original dynamic between Martin and Rusty.

Together they are an unlikely investigative duo. Martin (Harrelson) as the eager-to-please local investigator, and Rusty (McConaughey) the incredibly intelligent, pessimistic and universally misunderstood newcomer.


McConaughey is almost unrecognisable as Rusty 17 years on – Image by HBO Asia


Fast forward 17 years and the pair no longer speak (for reasons as yet unknown) – just another bait to keep you on the line for episode two.

As far as first episodes go, it’s the best one I’ve seen in a while. They give us just enough new information, and just enough back-story to wonder what the hell happened then, and what the hell is happening now.

At the moment it seems that Rusty, aged into a haunted, alcoholic with an authority complex, is holding the keys to the mystery, but even he doesn’t know the full story.

I’m not sure if he did it, if he knows ‘whodunit’, or why he didn’t catch them in the first place, but I am sure that I’ll be watching episode two to find out.

It’s time to swear off those trashy crime dramas for good. Once you’ve seen True Detective you’ll never understand how you ever enjoyed them to begin with.

True Detective airs Mondays at 6:30PM on Showcase, and you can watch encore episodes daily.

Here’s the trailer to get you hooked.