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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 28, 2022

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Two Young Creatives, One Emperor And A Mission To Solve Industry Problems

Two Young Creatives, One Emperor And A Mission To Solve Industry Problems

| On 04, Nov 2014

We all know the debacles that our industry is currently facing with a shortage of jobs. Now  maintaining creative integrity and originality presents itself as a regular obstacle that many graduates and industry professionals face.

Creative Drinks were lucky enough to attend the launch of a pair of experienced and opportunistic creative minds who begun Emperor,  a film, media, design and photography company which focuses on creating marketing solutions through design.


“I want this company to be the Google of creative people.”

Ryan Thompson and Huynh Nguyen are the brainchild’s behind Emperor, a creative start up marketing firm that provides solutions for small businesses by giving students and freelancers the chance to design.

This business idea came to fruition after noticing the cries of many struggling freelancers and undergraduate students who yearn for paid work, by providing them the opportunity to create, build and grow their skills set.

“We’re all about building relationships with clients, we don’t just want to come in as ‘that’ consultant, we want to build relationships, we want to achieve something that marketing companies sometimes disregard, by giving our clients seamless designs,” said Ryan.

The two first met after a night out and fell into professional love when they discovered they shared a mutual interest in film and photography. Soon they began to talk about the obvious gap most graduates face when transitioning from university into the real world.


It took them half a decade to gather all the contacts and organise their visions for the concept of Emperor to be realised.

“We met a lot of people over time, most of them from universities, who wanted the chance to create and design, and at the same time be paid. We received an overwhelming amount of support for our project which will not only benefit young businesses, but also graduates and undergrads starting careers,” says Huynh.

Creating marketing solutions through design, Emperor Creative is all about supporting young and local businesses with fresh and unique ideas.

“Communication, that’s the important part, we don’t want to come in and deliver and leave, we want to be there every step to make sure our clients grow, but also to allow our designers or marketers to grow too.”

With a list of contacts ranging from professionals, students, freelancers and everyone in-between, these guys want to give everyone a chance at creative expression and pay them whilst doing so.

“I find being an undergrad or postgraduate you need those opportunities, we want to pinch those guys who have talent when they come out, so when they finish and say ‘I graduated, what do I do know?’, we want to be there for them and give them the opportunity,” says Huynh.


Here the two have acknowledged both the rising strains on young creative professionals eagerly searching for work, and young businesses looking to take their business to the next level.

Approaching small businesses in a unique way by recognising the challenges faced by many, Emperor seeks to provide services such as, marketing, branding, logo and website designs based on subscriptions.

Offering these services based on when they are needed, the firm hopes to alleviate financial strains often found when acquiring marketing services, so to not bombard small businesses with big contracts and large deals.

“We can cater to anyone, so far we have done fashion, fitness, corporate, universities, basically we can help anyone,” says Huynh.

This idea is certainly interesting because it allows flexibility with both the marketing firm and the business, which is advantageous for both.

Very unique and ambitious, Emperor which launched last week will be a company to watch.

If you are interested in contacting any of the team at Emperor please head to their website.

Remember, big ideas come from the simplest gaps, if you can’t find it, why not make it.



Image credit: Emperor