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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 17, 2022

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Vanguardians of Burlesque

Vanguardians of Burlesque
Auran Abraham

A bevy of nationally acclaimed burlesque superstars took the stage at Wonderland Festival 2019, and brought with them the sexiest of burlesque sizzle.

Vanguard Burlesque is a Brisbane-based collaborative of Australia’s most acclaimed Burlesque performers and artists, and in this year’s Wonderland Festival show, this talent is on full display.

Hosted by the phenomenal drag superstar Vollie LaVont, the show brings together some of the best talents in Australian burlesque for sixty minutes of visually spectacular and outrageously sexy burlesque performance.

Featuring Maple Rose, Ruby Slippers, Betty Lovecat, Dolly Cakes, Rielle La’vish, Kryptonite and Vanguard Burlesque Co-Creator and Producer Lillian Lace, the show boasts an assortment of stunning performances over its, admittedly too short runtime.

The standouts for the show on the 22nd, were Kryptonite’s shimmering and swagger-drenched performances, Lillian Lace’s druidic masterpiece, Betty Lovecat’s intergalactic Miss Universe throwback to the 90’s and special guest for the evening Citrine Velvetine’s ballpark antics.

The show was incredibly well-produced and oozed sex appeal out of every second in its meager sixty-minute runtime, which was by far the only sour note in the sweet treats that the show presented.

Sixty minutes was by far too short a duration for this show, and when Vollie LaVont says that there are only one or two more performances left to the evening, it feels abrupt and somewhat unceremonious given the magnificence of the preceding frivolity.

However, for what the show is, it was an incredible slice of sticky sweet talent and one that features such high-level performers that it would be remiss to forego any opportunity to see what Vanguard Burlesque offers up.

Due to the show at Wonderland closing on the 23rd, the opportunity to experience this particular show has passed, but Vanguard Burlesque holds regular performances at The Wickham Hotel in Fortitude Valley, so there’s still plenty of opportunity beyond Wonderland to see these absolute gems of Australian burlesque do what they do best.

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