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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 26, 2020

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A Night at "The Dream Walker" Launch

A Night at “The Dream Walker” Launch

| On 02, Jul 2017

Victoria Carless is an established Brisbane playwright and is now entering the Young Adult genre. Her debut novel The Dream Walker is available now. The Creative Issue went along to her launch party at Avid Reader Bookshop in West End for her conversation with publisher Kate Stephens from Hachette.

Once you enter Avid Reader bookshop, you are filled with a sense of longing for all those days you spent reading and a stern self-reprimand for allowing life to get in the way of reading. As technology pervades every aspect of our lives, there is still an immense pleasure in wandering down the aisles of a bookstore. I looked through different genres and was blissful at this vast abundance of ideas for me to explore. The main event was soon underway in the back-garden section of Avid Reader.

Victoria Carless author of 'The Dream Walker' in conversation with Kate Stephens, publisher at Hachette

Victoria Carless author of ‘The Dream Walker’ in conversation with Kate Stephens, publisher at Hachette

Young Adult novelist Victoria Carless discussed her novel with her publisher Kate Stephens from Hachette and the two have clearly developed a personal and warm working relationship. Victoria shared that she grew up in a small town in Queensland which lead to the setting for her novel The Dream Walker. She spoke of the lack of books set in Queensland when she was growing up and a personal goal to add these locations to literature for future generations.

The excerpt read from The Dream Walker about Diggers Landing, the small-town setting, created a vivid picture of small town life. Victoria’s background is as a playwright, where description is no longer the norm, and she spoke of how much she enjoyed being able to create the town and describe this world.

The protagonist of the novel is Lucy, a sixteen-year-old with the standard teenage desire to get away from her current life. But through this motivation, questions such as the value of dreams and issues such as domestic violence are addressed. Victoria mentioned that she did not specifically set out to write a Young Adult novel but followed the story and found herself in this genre. Speaking of her characters, Victoria reasoned that they had to be at this age as teenagers feel things so deeply.

Victoria spoke of the great benefit of being selected for the Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program delivered by the Queensland Writers Centre, where 10 selected authors receive feedback from publishers, editors and authors over a three-day retreat. It is a great pleasure to see the result of a published work coming from such collaborations.

The night ended as all launch parties should, with birthday cake.

Avid Reader Bookshop celebrates the release of 'The Dream Walker' with cake

Avid Reader Bookshop celebrates the release of ‘The Dream Walker’ with cake


What: The Dream Walker by Victoria Carless


Cost: Paperback: $19.99; e-Book: $11.99

More Info: Product page online

Image Credit: Victoria Carless by Victoria Carless, courtesy of Avid Reader Events, later images by Lena Owen