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Wardrobe Essentials: Autumn Edition

Wardrobe Essentials: Autumn Edition

| On 28, Mar 2014

As we move from hot summer days into the ever-confusing weather in autumn, one important question comes to mind: what are we meant to wear?

Summer is simple because it’s warm day and night, all you need are shorts or dresses. Sadly, autumn is a lot trickier.

Picture this: you wake up at 7am and it feels chilly so you layer up. Annoyingly, as soon as it hits noon it’s far too warm for your cute new winter jacket, but as you’re heading home at 5pm you’re too cold without it.

Familiar, right?

I’ve come up with a few handy solutions for this seasonal problem. Here are some ideas for wardrobe essentials that you can easily wear between-seasons, day or night.

Light scarves: A pretty, light scarf will keep you warm morning and evening but are easy to take on and off throughout the day. They are also great accessories to brighten up a casual jeans-and-a-tee outfit on an autumn day. Favourites of mine are from Forever New and Country Road, usually in a geometric or floral print.

Pieces from (L-R): Portmans, Dotti, Verge Girl. Image by Amy.

Cropped jackets and cardigans: Cropped jackets are perfect for work, cardigans are perfect for your chill-out days on weekends. Both allow for the perfect level of warm but not overbearing. Opt for lighter colours and prints to keep the look from getting too wintery.

Button-up shirts: Again, great choices for any occasion. Dress it up with a pencil skirt and jacket, or relax it with comfortable jeans and boots. Either way, pick a breathable fabric and you’re all set. The floral piece from Dotti above is a great example of an any weather pick.

For all of these items, fabric is key. It’s best to stick with things like cotton, silk, and linen rather than heavy wools or leathers. In terms of bottoms, jeans are always great but if you find that they’re too bulky you can layer skirts, shorts, or dresses with tights that you can always take off if need be.

Be sure to check out a few of the stores mentioned to get your hands on a few of these items before the season is over!