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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 24, 2021

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We are Aprils Chance

Tiernan Silcock


The Brisbane based label, Aprils Chance, is fast becoming one to watch. Created in 2008, this edgy street wear collection is a mix of unisex t-shirts, singlets and sweaters. This collection embodies all the elements I want in a collection; I love all things punk chic, I love the androgynous look, and I don’t believe you can ever own too many oversized shirts.

Slowly developing a cult-like following, this label epitomises the image of classy, high end, grunge. Utilising digitally printed images, the majority of the pieces feature anchors, grizzly bears, diamonds and skulls. With this imagery accompanied by slogans such as “with love” and “teen aged strays”, a Peter Pan essence with a little devil-may-care attitude is evoked. The use of monochrome, minimalist text and statement prints allows this collection to appeal to a huge audience and guarantees to adapt to any personal style.

I sat down with one of the designers for Aprils Chance, Darren Graham, to discuss the inspiration for the brandAC1 and where he sees the label going.

What are your favourite labels?
We are fans of, and influenced by many brands. It’s hard to pinpoint which are our favourites, but we do enjoy what Blackmilk Clothing and Abandon Ship Apparel do, and we love old Ksubi designs.

Which items from your collection are closet staples?
Closest staples in AC camp would definitely be our classic “Bitter Sweet Nights” Crew sweater which we first released Winter 2012 is still so popular months later. The “Chase the world Chase your dreams” design, “The Rogue Grizzlies” and “The Day She Cried Wolf” designs are up there as well.

How many designers collaborate for the collection?
It definitely takes a few people to run and make a brand functional. I oversee everything and what goes on at Aprils Chance but we have people run the graphics side of things, printing and orders, website maintenance and what not. It takes a small army to get everything in order; everyone has different roles and helps the brand in some way.

What influences the label’s creative direction?
We are influenced by a lot of things in our designs from world travels, abstract artwork, influential people to reading and Youtube.

What do you like most about the collection?
Every collection we really try and put in 100 percent effort, whether it be for the designs or the marketing. We try to make it as unique as we can. This season has been a lot of fun; cool photo shoots, travelling around Australia and overseas to capture both new and old designs makes it worth the hard work.

Where do we see the label in a year?
We have plenty of goals for the label over the next 12 months. It would be nice to see a few more of our pieces at places across the globe we haven’t sold to as yet and so hopefully we will also have another big label campaign shoot overseas. We also want to increase our fan base for the label!

For more information visit the website Aprils Chance website.