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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 16, 2021

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'Werewolf Calypso' Launch Party at Melbourne's the Hifi

‘Werewolf Calypso’ Launch Party at Melbourne’s the Hifi

| On 16, Nov 2014

Embracing the festive spirit, Mebournians Mighty Duke & The Lords gave treats over tricks this Halloween, releasing their fresh single Werewolf Calypso and announcing a celebratory launch party at Melbourne’s infamous the HiFi  in its honour.

Mighty, Duke, and the three Lords have been crafting their own interpretation of calypso music (music of the gods in their opinion) and embracing the entities of fun and rum since joining forces in 2012.

Timeless tales of jaded lovers, boiled parrots, supernatural pub crawls and a mistaken hermaphrodite wedding,” reads their Facebook biography describing their music, and if that does not immediately intrigue you I don’t know what will.

Mighty Duke

Their latest single Werewolf Calypso is an ode to the genre they play so well. Lyrically telling the tales of the great cliches of cinema, narrating the cautionary story of supernatural romance, the band’s new tune embodies the best parts of calypso music. An infectious saxophone over an even more so contagious beat, Werewolf Calypso is a song that will get your legs shaking. 

To celebrate their latest track, which will be released as a 7 inch record, the band of merry men have announced that they will be hosting a ‘Werewolf Calypso’ 7 Inch Launch Party at Melbourne’s the Hifi on the 16th of November, as a part of the Transmitter Records AWME Closing Party. Any fellow calypsonian appreciators, and anyone else who shares a love for drinking and dancing, will not want to miss this unique festivity.

The Details

What: Mighty Duke and The Lords ‘Werewolf Calypso’ 7 Inch Launch Party

When: November 16th

Tickets and more info here

Image credit: Mighty Duke and the Lords official Facebook page