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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 25, 2021

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WHARVES 'Think Straight' On New Single!

WHARVES ‘Think Straight’ On New Single!
Daniel Parkinson

Lennox Heads natives WHARVES have just released their introspective new single ‘Think Straight’ and TCI got a chance to catch up with Matt Collins from the band to talk about entering the world of self-production.

The past few years have been massive for WHARVES. The dark-indie four piece won Triple J’s Splendour In The Grass competition, they’ve also played festivals including Falls Festival, FOTSUN and Bigsound, not to mention touring the UK with DZ Deathrays. With 2020 putting a temporary halt to WHARVES international touring plans, the band got straight back into working on new music, and ‘Think Straight’ is the first taste of their upcoming sophomore EP.

The Creative Issue: This is WHARVES first time venturing into the world of self-production. How did it feel releasing a song that you’ve seen through from start to finish?

Matt Collins: We always have done self-production in terms of demos and Mike is very good at it but we would always defer to an engineer or producer when it came to anything we’d actually release. It was a bit scary during the process, I would catch myself doubting its ability to be ready for radio and wanting to get someone to mix it but we showed a fair few people with opinions we respect and they were really impressed. So by the time we were ready to release I was confident in how sounded and liked the track a lot.

TCI: You’ve said that lyrically ‘Think Straight’ is about going through life and making mistakes. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song?

MC: I feel like most young people get into relationships that aren’t with the right person at some point and when they fail, you kind of have to start all over again as well as deal with the heartbreak. Also identity is big part of being human, trying to see where you fit and trying to find people that fit with that identity. Sometimes you outgrow those labels, styles or ways of life and again have to start all over again. Who am I? What’s my purpose?

TCI: I love the music video for ‘Think Straight’ (especially the dog), can you give us a bit of a backstory of how the music video came about?

MC: Scott rescued a seven year old staffy during Covid and he’s become a big part of his life. We were just debating who came up with the idea and after scouring through old messages I found out it was me (Matt) but who cares? I do! But the truth is that John Safran did it about 20 years ago on his Musical Jamboree for a joke to get on Rage.

TCI: WHARVES are based down in Lennox Heads in NSW. Do you find your location to be an inspiring place to be a songwriter? Is there a strong music community there?

MC: It’s inspiring in the fact we’ve got free/cheap access to spaces and get things done and it’s geographically beautiful. Not sure if the town itself has inspired anything directly.

TCI: You have achieved so much in your career so far. What have been some of the highlights
for you?

MC: Playing great festivals, touring Europe and having a shared mission/journey together.



TCI: You have dropped a few singles this year, which is great for your fans, are you making
any plans to release an EP in the near future?

MC: Yes, we are working on putting an EP out next year.

TCI: The pandemic has thrown every musician a curveball this year. How have you handled
the situation and kept on track?

MC: Yes, although we had to cancel our UK plans, we’ve levelled up in songwriting, production, film clip making and engaging in fun ways with fans of ours.

TCI: You have played some massive shows in your career! Will your fans have an opportunity
to catch you live between now and the end of the year?

MC: Yes, we are playing at GC BBQ Bazaar this Saturday the 21st of November and the Back in the Sun Festival in Port Macquarie on the 11th of December.

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