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What To Look Forward To In Melbourne 2015

What To Look Forward To In Melbourne 2015

| On 01, Jan 2015

It’s been a busy year in Melbourne, and the more festivals and events that are introduced into our quaint city, the more we have to add to our calendars with each passing year. However we’ve picked the most exciting ones for you to check out.


International Street Food Festival,  25 January and 26 January (Australia Day Weekend)

Held at the Melbourne Showgrounds, this will be a melting pot for local musicians to listen to while enjoying international cuisines from countries like Vietnam, Peru and Timor.

During the day the focus will be mainly on amusement rides and activities for families and their children with family friendly music and an array of merchandise stalls- think of a carnival but with a far more interesting variety of food.

At night the festival will transform to attract adults with live DJ sets and visual shows for those night owls looking for a foreign feast.

For more information view the ISFF website. 


Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, 14-22 March

Melbourne does have its own Spring Fashion Week however the Fashion Festival is much more friendly to those not within the industry. Shows are open to anyone willing to come, provided you buy a ticket of course.

The best part about the fashion festival however hasn’t got to do the transparency of the event or the accessibility to the shows, it’s the fact that there are more independent designers showcased in this event than in its other fashion counterparts, and we expect 2015 wouldn’t be any different.

For more information head on over to the VAMFF website.


David Bowie Is Exhibition, 16 July- 1 November

50 years in the music industry is a massive feat, so in celebration of this milestone the Victoria and Albert Museum in England is bringing the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition. Showcasing 50 outfits, sketches, handwritten lyric sheets and never before seen videos and photographs.

More than his time in the music industry though, the exhibition held at ACMI is about how David Bowie was, and still is, a cultural icon.

For more information head on over to the ACMI website.

david bowie

Melbourne International Jazz Festival, 29 May- 7 Jun

If you’re not into jazz yet, then you need to get on it, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so! This festival brings together Australian musicians and international artists with genre crossovers, soulful sounds and of course the individual style that comes with being from all across the globe.

This event does include some free gigs as well so if money’s tight from all the other events on offer or you’re just wanting to get a taste of what’s on offer, you can view the schedule and the cost for each show.

For more information head on over to the website.

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Image credits: each events website