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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 4, 2020

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What To Wear: Menswear #MBFF Brisbane

What To Wear: Menswear #MBFF Brisbane

| On 24, Aug 2014

Listen up fellas, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane is not just for the ladies in your life. Whether you like a tailored suit or a hipster ensemble, the countless events at the festival are the perfect place to show off your stylish best.

LOOK ONE: The Tailored Man.

Taking pride in the way he dresses, the tailored man never misses a chance to wear his favourite three piece suit. Wearing ensembles in Prince of Wales check, solid neutrals or classic patterns, the suit is the go-to for the man who admires Tom Ford, Ryan Gosling & old Hollywood icons for their faultless style. When you are struggling to decide what to wear, a tailored suit is perfect for any event during the Fashion Festival.



LOOK TWO: The Athletic Dresser.

Sporty, on the run and always at the gym; the athletic dresser is always thinking of his next move. Lightweight fabrics, sneakers, printed tees and duffle bag in tow, he goes from the weights room to a runway show in a flash. Sportswear has had an extraordinary influence on the streetwear crowd of late and is a fantastic style for the Brisbane man on the go. No more excuses for skipping the gym, gentlemen.



LOOK THREE: The Experimental Hipster.

I think the word ‘hipster’ has been mis-represented of late. A man who follows the latest trends, experiments with patterns and colours, and not afraid to accessorise is, what i would describe as, the experimental hipster. He goes with the flow and isn’t afraid to be bold. I think Brisbane has a lot of experimental hipster men, and I welcome their daring style. Fashion is supposed to fun fellas! Get into it!



I say to the Brisbane man, do not be afraid to express your individuality through fashion. And the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane is the perfect occasion to do so. You may even catch the eye of a fashion blogger. Make sure to visit for more information about the festival.