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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2022

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What to Wear While WFH

What to Wear While WFH
Jessica McKenna

“Are Pyjamas a suitable outfit to wear while working from home today?”; a question that now crosses my mind every single day.


In this current climate of COVID-19, those of us who are blessed to still be working are struggling with the distinction between work and play. With no clear structure that is forcing us to get dressed and meet our colleagues face to face, days can easily blur together making us question whether it’s Monday or Thursday.


While we know that it is hard to find motivation to dress for productivity right now and there is more happening in the world than what you could be wearing for Zoom meetings from your living room; making a conscious effort to choose outfits that lift our spirits can create a healthier mindset and set us up for a dynamic work day.


With this in mind, let us brighten your day by showing you the new WFH (working from home) styles crazing our favourite social platform, Instagram.


Just because the only people seeing you right now are your family, partners or roommates doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. In fact, why not use this internal time to dress how you’ve always wanted but have been scared to commit too. Take it from Instagrammer Jenni Flam; during isolation Jenni has taken to creating outfits based on themes given to her by her followers. She states in one of her captions “There’s a lot of unknown and things I can’t control. So I’m getting dressed in a fun way every day”.



Jenni is not the only person dressing to impress; @wfhfits, an Instagram purely dedicated to working from home outfits, has posted other women in ball gowns and formal attire. Just for the hell of it.



If instead your day is a carousel of Zoom meetings, you may be less interested in a lavish dress and more interested in what is now called the ‘working from home mullet’. Just like a traditional mullet haircut, this style is business up top and party in the back.


Since your colleagues can only see the top half of your body while on the computer, it seems silly to dress in full head to toe corporate, which is why the WFH mullet has been so popular. This trend has seen both men and women posting their blazer and sweat pant combos on Instagram showing us that you can meet in the middle between cool and casual, and formal.



At the end of the day, do whatever makes you feel normal in this situation that is far from what we know. If you want to wear pyjama bottoms, sweatpants or no pants some days and your Sunday best on others, then you should. There is no rule book, but it does help knowing we are all in this together.


If you want to check out more inspirational outfits for business at home or for just a little giggle, check out @wfhfits