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What's Next For Breaking Bad Fans?

What’s Next For Breaking Bad Fans?

| On 03, Oct 2013

Breaking Bad is breaking hearts all across the world.

Five years of glorious script writing, scene plotting and acting have culminated in the season’s finale, ‘Felina’, which aired on Sunday in the United States.

I’m not the type to spring a surprise spoiler on you because I spent the last 48 hours on a social media hiatus trying to avoid seeing exactly that.

However, the series has come to a stunning, satisfying, yet not unexpected conclusion.

Image - AMC Network Entertainment

Image – AMC Network Entertainment

Breaking records in the States with 10.3 million viewers, it seems Australian fans alike can’t get enough of Walter White’s methamphetamine empire.

Australia topped the number of illegal downloads with more than half a million downloads being recorded within 12 hours of its online release.

This statistic tells me three things; Australians love Breaking Bad, Australians disregard online pirating laws, and thousands of Australians are currently suffering from post-Breaking Bad-depression (PBBD, it’s a thing).

However, I have a compiled a short list of new and upcoming television series to help combat your PBBD.

  1. Orange is the new black. Grab your weekly fix of criminal activity and follow the memoirs of a woman’s experience in jail after trafficking drug money. Premiered July 11th (2013) in the US.
  2. Super Fun Night. The cure to sadness is laughter, right? Watch the cringe worthy, Friday night adventures of Australian actress, Rebel Wilson, in her new comedy series. Airs October 2nd in the US.
  3. The Tomorrow People. With the series revolving around the concepts of human evolution, watch the ‘Tomorrow People’ live their lives and fight off enemies with their paranormal powers. Airs October 9th in the US.

Although, a glimmer of hope still exists for those having trouble letting go of Breaking Bad.

Vince Gilligan has recently suggested confirmation for the production of his spin off series, Better Call Saul.

The series is a prequel featuring shady lawyer, Saul Goodman, and depicts his life and business dealings before he met Walter White.

In the meantime, throw your emotions into a new series and hope these speculations come to fruition.