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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 9, 2020

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When love actually turns to hate

When love actually turns to hate
Auran Abraham

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Christmas is all around us and so the feeling grows, that Love Actually is all around.

A sentiment very only partially shared by one half of the duo from Act/React, who for this year’s Wonderland Festival, bring us the most scientifically sound, and definitive answer of is Love Actually a good film, or manipulative holiday drivel?

On one hand, Amy Currie adores the film and the love-laden sentiments and holiday cheer it represents. Whereas on the other hand , Natalie Bochenski rues the day that the film was committed to celluloid, and finds the whole narrative to be, to put it extremely lightly, a bit naff.

Presented in multiple different segments, ranging from a game show that asks the important questions about eroticism in art, to a workplace behaviour seminar with a sexy bite, the show takes the idea of Love Actually’s lose weave narrative and brings it into live variety performance.

The structure of this becomes a bit muddled, with inconsistent energy levels which don’t always mesh well with what is being presented within a segment.

That being said, the humour and heart behind the performance can be palpably felt, and the fiery passions that drive the heat in the debate are easily strong enough to engage the audience beyond these issues becoming distractingly pervasive.

The main core of the show is the duo arguing about the subjective quality of this holiday flick, released in the year 2003 and ceremoniously brought to streaming services as soon as the holiday decorations are hung in your local shopping centre.

Be aware that the show is also interactive, which may mean you get called upon to become included in one of the aforementioned segments of the show. The effort is generously rewarded however, with a fun sized chocolate bar.

This seems extremely well suited to what the show delivers, fun sized bites of raucously funny, and at some points touching interaction between the duo, that, for the hour duration, will make you learn to love or hate Love Actually, actually.

What: Love/Hate Actually
Where: Turbine Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington Street,
New Farm QLD 4005
When: THU 22 NOV–SUN 25 NOV, 2018
How Much: $25 – $28
Website: Here

Find out more about Act/React:

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