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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 19, 2019

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Natalie Weir's dreamy and exquisite When Time Stops

Natalie Weir’s dreamy and exquisite When Time Stops

| On 23, May 2016

Natalie Weir’s When Time Stops is about the gush of memories felt from a woman in her last moments of life. It’s a beautiful piece of theatre that will transport you into a dream-like hypnotic state — kind of like watching an epic, beautiful and bittersweet lucid dream.

The story is not linear. When Time Stops pinpoints the moments in life that change you, those transformative instances that will always remain clear and coloured in your memory. A first kiss, young friendship, a dysfunctional relationship, receiving heartbreaking news. As an audience member, I found myself wholly inserted into the action on stage and totally swept away by the performances from the Expressions Dance Company, their guest dancers and the Camerata of St Johns, Queensland’s chamber orchestra.

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The choreography from Natalie Weir and the EDC dancers was so skilful that you will be entirely transported and forget to be amazed by the discipline and potential of the human body until after you have left the theatre. No two movements felt the same unless intentionally reminding us of a moment we have seen before. Part of this gorgeous choreography was the orchestra, who were present on stage and intricately intertwined amongst the dancers as they performed. Iain Grandage’s strings composition has been awarded Best Original Score, and the musicians should be commended for their flawless memorisation and execution of the sixty-five minute long piece.

Natalie Weir says When Time Stops is ‘similar to a painting, the content of which is whatever the viewer brings to it. Understanding the meaning intended by the artist is not as important as the experience of viewing it. We gift this to you.’ When Time Stops absolutely is a gift: an arresting, heart-wrenching, beautiful gift that will have you completely mesmerised.

When Time Stops is in season until the 28th of May.

What: When Time Stops
Where: The Playhouse, QPAC
When: In season until May 28.
How Much: $29-$69, + booking fee.

For tickets, head to QPAC’s website here.

Images by Chris Herzfeld.