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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 27, 2022

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Creative Drinks

Creative Drinks is an organisation dedicated to supporting local artists and promoting their work.

Our mission: help grow local emerging arts cultures in cities across Australia.

Our organisation has two primary functions:

1)We are publishers that share stories about Australia’s creative people – The Creative Issue

2)We are event managers who use artists and professional creatives to promote the arts, but also add a value proposition to deliver real outcomes for organisations who host events.

Our digital publication, The Creative Issue, is designed to keep you up-to-date on all the latest news from the creative industries. Here you will find articles on everything from fashion to photography, literature to performing arts and lots in between. Not to check out once; it’s a daily destination. The Creative Issue is currently reporting on the pulse of Brisbane and Melbourne’s creativity. We endeavour to connect the Australian creative narrative to its national audience.

Who is our Audience?

We need a diversity of people to make this concept work.
Creative minds are pretty diverse in what they do. You could be an art director, photographer, graphic artist, interior designer, musician, actor, marketer, writer, illustrator, producer, printer, and anything in between. Our artists provide our point of difference and they authenticate what we are doing for the broader community.

There are also the people and the organisations who support creative output. You might be a performance venue or a gallery, or maybe an institution within the arts education sector. You might also be an individual who has a role in arts administration, a company owner, a managing director, an employee or member of an industry association. We need you as sponsors, as supporters and as advertisers; without you our artists will not reach our intended audiences and they will not get the chances to demonstrate the capacity the arts has to influence society (commercially and culturally).

So, who is Creative Drinks?

Creative Drinks brings together expertise in journalism, event management, publicity, design, web/e-marketing, branding and business management.

With a passion and understanding of the arts, it is the brainchild of two big dreaming and dedicated professionals, Chief Lewis and Craig Fossey.

Working with them is a dedicated group of young writers, photographers and artists passionate about sharing their knowledge and promoting the local creative arts community.

We hope you enjoy our online publication. Please share this initiative with your friends and colleagues.