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Why you should listen to Wye Oak

Why you should listen to Wye Oak

| On 04, Feb 2014

I first stumbled upon Wye Oak when I was watching Safety Not Guaranteed, a really cool film about a guy who believes he can time travel. But I was immediately fascinated with Wye Oak, in particular the lead vocals of Jenn Wasner.

The dreamy duo, Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack hail form Baltimore, Maryland and have been working together since 2006.

Wye Oak released Civilian in 2011 (I’m a little behind the eight-ball, I know) but the album is a great combination of garage rock, with touches of dreamy folk.

The album begins with Two Small Deaths, an unforgettable introduction to Wasner’s fascinating vocals. The track starts out a little heavy, and upbeat but Wasner’s vocals cut through and create a dreamy indie rock track.

Followed by the full-fledged garage rock track Holy Holy, one of my favourites. Which brings me to the title track, Civilian – it’s a deep, broody tune, with perfect momentum.

With each track, Wye Oak create a completely different experience, and build a really unique album.

Wasner’s vocals create what ordinarily might have been just another indie rock band into a melancholy and often enchanting experience.

If you haven’t already checked them out, do so and while you’re at it, Safety Not Guaranteed is  pretty great too. Two recommendations for the price of one, how good is that!