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Womenswear: The 2015 Starter Guide

Womenswear: The 2015 Starter Guide

| On 01, Jan 2015

While 2014 was a stylish year, it’s time to reset the wardrobe and make 2015 even better!

Looking back on 2014, it was a year filled with luxe sportswear, a 70s fashion revival, denim, leather and monochrome. But that is all in the past. It is time to look to the year ahead and see what you’ll need in your wardrobe to be ahead of the fashion game. Refreshing your style should definitely be at the top of your list of New Years resolutions. Take a look below and pick up some tips on how you can make a big change with the addition of a few pieces.

Shearling Coat

Fast forward a couple of months and we will be in Winter. The essential for Winter 2015 is a shearling coat. Seen at countless runways throughout 2014, shearling was a popular texture and looks perfect on a coat. No matter what colour, the shearling coat will make for a marvellous addition to your 2015 wardrobe.


Floor Length Skirt

The hemline has definitely been extended. To the floor! With minis definitely on their way out for the year ahead, a floor length skirt is an elegant piece to be added into your repertoire. Whether it’s paired with a tank top or a crisp white button-up, it’s a versatile item with many benefits.


Wide Leg Trousers  

The skinny jeans have out-stayed their welcome. Not only are they flattering, a wide leg trouser is a stylish component that should be a part of any women’s wardrobe already. For 2015, opt for a more relaxed shape in trousers and ditch the tight-fitting jeans.


The Ear Cuff

With this piece of jewellery starting to gain traction at the end of this year, the ear cuff will sure be a key item for any woman in 2015. Whether you want to go understated or over the top, this piece of jewellery can work with countless outfits and is a must-buy.



Image credits: Flickr