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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 17, 2021

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Words and Music

Words and Music

| On 25, May 2014

On Thursday evening the Queensland Show Choir ended the week of celebrations with their show ‘Something to Sing About.’

This performance held great significance to the crowds of family, friends and guests who came to support the Queensland Show Choir and their journey over the past thirty years.

Today I will tell you the story of founder, Robert Clark, and his dream of bringing the notion of ‘show’ to choir in Brisbane.

It all started in the charming cornfields of Bloomington, Indiana. One young man, who was finding his place in the world, grasped the conductor baton and rode with one of the world’s top show choirs, the Singing Hoosiers.

Before returning to Brisbane, Clark was gifted the lyrics of ‘Something To Sing About;’ a song he played to me in our interview as a way of telling his story. He sung softly on the black baby grand piano tucked in the corner of the room, allowing me to lose myself in the enchanting lyrics for just one moment.

It was this musical arrangement that inspired the Queensland Show Choir’s first concert in the 1980’s. “The passion and spark that was lived in Indiana lives on,” Clark declared after we pulled ourselves back into reality.

As Clark continued to open the past thirty years of his heart and soul, I could see the twenty-two year old man who held a huge ambition to bring the Brisbane community together through a love of music.

Today, Clark can proudly say that he has given Brisbane “the joy of singing together” in a journey that has meant more than anything. “Aspiring to be the best you could be and making an audience cry and clap and cheer. That is the gift,” Clark said openly.

At the performance ‘Something to Sing About,’ the choir passed a new song down the family line – to the Singing Hoosiers and community of Brisbane.

‘A Song For You’ delivered appreciation and gratitude to all those who have made the Queensland Show Choir what it is today.

I leave you with a few borrowed words from the gifted song, playing perfect tribute to the journey of the Queensland Show Choir and its widespread family.


“And now those words have been set free

And all my hopes and dreams are set in poetry

And now those melodies are as pure as they can be

The words and music work in perfect harmony”


The details:

What: Queensland Show Choir 30th Anniversary Concert ‘Something to Sing About’

Where: Queensland Academy of Creative Industries, 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove

When: Saturday 17 May 2014

How Much: $30.00


Queensland Show Choir. Image by Creative Drinks Photographer Jonathan McCaffrey.