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Yum Cha at Francie Mays

Yum Cha at Francie Mays

| On 03, May 2014

That’s it. I’ve found it. The banquet to end all banquets. The Asian feast that will put every Lazy Susan to shame. The Yum Cha that makes me go yum yum and want to cha-cha all around the restaurant (and I am not even ashamed by that pun I mean it so heartily).

Francie Mays at New Farm is this holy grail of South East Asian food and their Tuesday night ‘All You Can Eat’ Yum Cha menu is worthy of an Indiana Jones-esque quest.

For $29 the chefs at Francie Mays will send out food from their Yum Cha menu in whatever order they please until your belly refuses to allow entrance to any more.

Top Tips

  1. Arrive with an empty belly. Every dish is delicious and cooked to perfection and you will want to sample them all.
  2. Bigger groups are better. The more people, the more food you’ll get through and the more you’ll get to try.
  3. Get a cocktail with your dinner. Just ‘cause. Cocktails are the best.

Here’s a quick sample of some of the highlights of Francie Mays menu.

Lime and chilli pepper calamari with sriracha aioli and fresh lime. Not gonna lie, I consider myself quite the connoisseur of calamari. I order it, without fail, every time I see it on the menu. And this calamari has become one of my new favourites in Brisbane. Succulent and with the lightest batter possible, it’s as fresh as comfort food can get.

The Bánh mì inspired pulled pork sliders with Asian slaw and chilli jam are another hit. Whilst sliders are currently everywhere, it’s easy to stuff them up. Icky bread, not enough sauce and vegetables that just don’t know how to stay in their place. Francie Mays’ sliders are perfect. The bread molds itself around the juicy, spicy pork that’s complemented beautifully by the fresh, crunchy slaw.  No belly will protest to these.

Not only do you get to sample the majority of Francie Mays’ regular menu at a discounted price but Yum Cha Tuesday’s are also the Chef’s opportunity to test his new dishes and gauge reactions before adding it to the final menu. If that means I have to try duck laksa and an Indonesian interpretation of chilli con carne then I am not complaining.

The quality of the service, cocktail menu and most definitely the food will see me returning to Francie Mays very soon, be it either on their Yum Cha night or a night with the regular menu.


The details

What: Yum Cha Tuesday’s at Francie Mays

Where: 720 Brunswick St, New Farm

When: Tuesday 4.30pm till late

Review Overview



The tastiest Yum Cha I've ever experienced and great value for your money.