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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 20, 2021

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Zines and Indie Comics turn to Crowdfunding

Ash Hauenschild
ZICS Meeting

ZICS Meeting

Brisbane’s underground publishers, printers and purists need your help launching ZICS – our city’s first Zine and Independent Comic Symposium!

The three-day program is a feast of creative workshops and indie networking, with highlights including the coveted Golden Stapler awards and a performance from hipster Ãœbermensch The Bedroom Philosopher.

But it all takes money, which is why the ZICS team have launched a crowdfunding campaign via Pozible.

The organisers hope to offer something for every budget with their pledge rewards ranging from a simple thank you ($1) to personally shaving Justin George’s illustrious beard ($5,000!).

It’s all about bringing a passionate subsection of Brisbane’s creative community into an open, collaborative space – and realising independent publishing doesn’t need to be a lonely business.

I had a chat with ZICS organiser and local comic stalwart Zac Cameron-Smith.

CD: You cut your teeth on the Ashcan project, right? Can you tell me about that?

Zac: Ashcan is a community-based comic collective or publishing label.It’s a vehicle for local talent to get their work out if they’re new, or if they work fulltime or are at uni and don’t have time to produce a whole comic.

We take scripts for short runs and then we find that person an artist, and release a compilation every three to six months.

CD: How did ZICS come about?



Zac: Jeremy Staples kicked the whole thing off. It’s not necessarily a comic convention, but more about local creators – their art, their comics, their zines, and just sharing ideas.

While we’re not hugely opposed to the idea of cosplay and steampunk, it’s not the primary focus of what we want to get out of ZICS. With things like Supanova and Comic-Con, the artist alley tends to be overshadowed by the other parts of the event.

We’re trying to really focus on that side of things.

Zac: CD: What did you learn from your previous crowdfunding campaign (for indie comic Ironside)?

Zac: I learned a lot.

This campaign is more rewards-based, and there are definitely a lot of cool things up there. It’s important that people see the money going towards an outcome that hasn’t happened yet.

CD: It sounds like there’s a real community building here.

Zac: The shame about Brisbane is that everybody is a little cliquey. The idea with ZICS is we’re going to be a hub for all the comic and zine creators to get together on a central footing.

At the moment there are these little pockets all around that people don’t know about, because they’re doing this independently.

It’d be really great to see everybody sharing ideas and bouncing off each other.

The details:

What: Zine and Independent Comics Symposium

Where: The Edge, by the State Library of Queensland

When: August 30 until September 1, 2013

How much: Support ZICS from just $1

Website: Pozible and Facebook