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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 3, 2020

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Zuri Offers Zilch

Zuri Offers Zilch

| On 05, Oct 2014

As an avid social user I attended the recent food Instagram event, Eat Brisbane, to try the ‘all you can eat’ sushi deal at Zuri Bar in Fortitude Valley. After the event, which aimed at providing advertising of the Wednesday sushi deal, it is safe to say I, and others, will not be returning in a hurry.

For $19pp with a drink purchase on Wednesdays, patrons can experience a two hour sitting of all you can eat sushi. For the 40 writers and food bloggers who attended Zuri last week however, it was not an experience worth repeating.

The 5-6 sushi platters for the 40 attendees was extremely underwhelming and unsatisfying to say the least for an all you can eat experience, however we have been assured that customers not attending the bar as a function will be fed until they burst.IMG_8258

Also disappointing was the quality and freshness of the sushi served, which was far from mind-blowing, so you want to indulge in a sushi experience in another setting.

Cold, rubbery dumplings with some sort of pureed baby food inside were not worth seconds, and the hard, sticky cut hand rolls had me thinking they had been sitting out in the kitchen a little longer than recommended.IMG_8294

As mentioned, this Wednesday deal is $19pp with any drink purchase, which brings us to the drinks. The $10 Lychee Martini is definitely delicious, but seeing mine made in a set of three drinks, with only two shots of alcohol being used for all three meant my drink was far from buzz-worthy, and really just a lychee/sugar disappointment.IMG_8255

All this food and drink sadness combined with an infuriatingly sticky floor, Arctic temperature room and music level which should only be experienced by those hoping to deafen themselves, left me with what is safe to say was, a pretty crumby night.

Although all you can eat sushi sounds like a great deal, Zuri definitely did not deliver on food, drinks, or atmosphere, and left some of Brisbane’s biggest foodies heading out for a second dinner afterwards.

The Details

What: All you can eat sushi

Where: Zuri Bar, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

When: Every Wednesday

How Much: $19pp with any drink purchase.

Feature image from Zuri Facebook page